D9 - Universal Month – Global Energies Of Current Month

Universal Month

Universal Month in numerology describes the general themes and influences for everyone in the current month.


A 1 month is an excellent time for opening a new cycle of independence and leadership, which can bring rewards and achievement. This is also an excellent time for buying and selling goods; for seeking publicity, new friendships, or relationships; and for initiating creative projects. A 1 month will revitalize you and make you feel important and special.


This month is about cooperation with others. You'll probably not start any new projects, but you'll team up with others to complete ongoing work. You may find yourself dealing with relationships, sensitive issues, or sensitive relationship issues, and you may end up playing matchmaker or peacemaker between other parties.


You'll want to socialize, feel popular, and appreciate lovely things. Warm fuzzy feelings and optimism are the order of the day. Be careful not to squander too many of your assets at this point in time. If you don't watch yourself, you may tend to go through money like a drunken sailor.


The 4 is about work and more work. You may work very hard to achieve, but find yourself feeling limited because you're not getting a lot of pleasure from your efforts. You may worry about money, but you will find that you do have enough. You'll be laying a foundation for your future, so put your best ideas forward. You may be surprised at what comes from them.


In a 5 month, major changes and adjustments will take place. Many of these will be temporary, so be prepared. Your employment may prove to be more rewarding than usual as you have 5's luck factor on your side. Seize your opportunities and use this cycle to deal with change in the best way possible.


You'll want to put everything into perfect order. This will be a nice month if you are able to balance your desire for perfection with your innate selflessness and accept your responsibilities with grace. More important, adopt a realistic attitude toward your projects and issues— whether artistic or personal. Know that some will be ongoing; not everything can be solved now.


The 7 is about study, learning, and teaching. Before making any decision, investigate and make sure you have all the information. You may be drawn to metaphysical studies and may feel you don't know the answers or whom to trust. But your efforts will be successful because you're going to investigate the situation and not just accept things at face value.


The 8 is the power number. You'll want to be in charge, deal with business, and achieve. The work of this month will make you feel better over the long haul. Be advised: work hard and don't take shortcuts, and you will be rewarded. Strive to share your success and prosperity with others. Remember, the more you have, the more you can give away and the more you will receive.


This is an optimistic period of wrapping up old projects, putting things in order, and tying up loose ends. It's also about helping others—perhaps the world at large—with their ideas and ideals. You want to assist everyone to be the best he or she can be. In addition, you may find yourself drawn to people from your past or occult subjects.

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