B2 - Life Path Number – Our Main Life Lesson

Life Path number

Life Path Number describes the main lesson that we have come to learn in this world. On the basis of its vibration we usually choose our career.

Following the life path that has been given to us will enable us to avoid continual discord and frustration, and to unfold in the way that is best for our nature.


With a Life Path of 1, you have a destiny to stand on your own, to believe in yourself, your own ideas and your own potential. Yours will be the life of the leader and the pioneer. Being a unique individual, you can follow your own path and live free from many of the rules that govern others. You may, however, have to fight to live the way you want and to accomplish what you want to do. Nevertheless, you must not conform or give up your goals. 


Your Life Path of 2 means that your destiny unfolds through relationships with others. Yours is the path of the diplomat and the peacemaker, and it is by the cautious and persistent exercise of your subtle influence that you will accomplish your goals in life. Working best as part of team, you are attracted to strong willed people. Your patience and ability to deal with details can work to the advantage of you both.


Your Life Path of 3 means that that your destiny is involved with the development of social graces and good communication skills. You have a wonderful ability to inspire and amuse people. It is through those you favorably impress that your opportunities in life will come. Be creative, be artistic, and learn to use words to your advantage. You have an appealing charm and a real charisma. Versatility is vital to your success, but you must pace yourself. Learn not to scatter your energy.


Your Life Path of 4 means that your destiny is closely allied to the work ethic. It is through self-discipline and conscientious labor that you will advance in life. You are best at endeavors that deal in facts and require a logical solution. You will be known as the one who gets the job done in the most effective and efficient way possible. Routine, hard work, dependability, practicality and service are the keys to your success.


Your Life Path of 5 means that your destiny is to learn to revel in the many changes and the variety of experiences that will come your way. You must learn to flow with life and to use well the freedom you’ve been granted. Don’t tie yourself down with too many responsibilities, or you may run the risk of boredom and frustration. Seize opportunities: live life to the fullest, and then be ready to move on to the next intense adventure.


Your Life Path of 6 means that your destiny is to serve and to be responsible for the welfare of others. Be it the home, the family or a work situation, your task is to lead the group and make it unified and productive. You’ll be involved with nurturing weaker persons, and you must learn to put the welfare of the group before your own interests. Aspire to be the benign parent figure, a source of guidance and strength. Marriage is ideal for you.


Your Life Path of 7 means that your destiny lies with the mental and spiritual: the path of study and the search for life’s meaning. A certain solitude is necessary for your development. Your natural aloofness and detachment aren’t well suited to superficial social relationships or heavy family responsibility. It’s important that you specialize in a philosophical or scientific field. Don’t be aggressive; instead, let opportunities come to you.


Your Life Path of 8 means that you are destined for success in the commercial world, and you’ve only to work hard and be profit oriented for that success to be assured. You are the born executive, the one who attracts power, has vision, and is able to manipulate people and things for maximum return. You will go far if you learn how to use situations to your own advantage and to cultivate influential and powerful allies in high places.


Your Life Path of 9 means that yours is a destiny on a universal level, where the aim is an expanded consciousness and capacity for human understanding. Develop any artistic talent you have as a means of communicating the universal truths you want to express. Keep yourself free to experience the many emotional contacts you will have. With your broad, unprejudiced philosophical outlook, you have the possibility of inspiring others and of rendering service to humanity.


Your Life Path is the master number 11. This means that you have a special destiny, one that could easily bring you fame or at least the possibility of influencing a great number of people. Blessed with a unique intuition, you have a latent creative genius that, if cultivated, will be a source of great inspiration to others.

Though capable of great vision, you may often, however, feel out of balance yourself. It helps to learn to operate on a practical as well as an idealistic level. Before you can fully live up to the full potential of the master number 11, you may need to practice living on its lower, reduced vibration of 2. This means attending to your relationships with others, learning to work as part of a team, and cultivating your skills as a diplomat and peacemaker. It also means developing patience, seeing to the details, and at least for a time learning to let others take the lead


Your Life Path of 22 is a master number. This means that your destiny is a truly special one, and carries the promise of tremendous power and influence. You must handle this power carefully, however, because it has the potential for either great creativity or great destruction. It is particularly important for you to act for the welfare of others, and harness your resources for the good. Gifted with far-reaching vision, you can then make an impact on the world and bring about great transformations.

Before you can fully live up to the full potential of the master number 22, you may need to practice living on its lower, reduced vibration of 4. This means developing the ability to work steadily to get the job done in the most effective and efficient way possible. It means developing self-discipline, sticking to a routine long enough to become a dependable resource for others and long enough to get something practical accomplished. You need to be able to deal successfully with logic, facts and the material world. Then you will be capable of becoming the visionary master builder promised by your Life Path of 22.

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