C8 - First Vowel In Name - More About Our Emotions

First Vowel in Name

First vowel in Name augments or mitigates the force of the vowel total (Soul Urge number), and gives additional information about our emotional nature and underlying motivations in life.


“A” feels courageous and daring, and gives you the soul of a warrior. Often you do not look before you leap, impulsively getting yourself into more hot water than you’d like. But you have the dash and flair to extricate yourself no matter what. You like to be on the front line, and are not afraid to go out on a limb for your beliefs. Preferring to be the one in control, you do not take well to authority. You want to call the shots and go it alone, because you are often too impatient to wait for others.


“E” feels changeable and restless, and gives you a love of freedom and excitement. You tend to be on the move, always on the lookout for the next interesting event. For you, variety is truly the spice of life. You are mentally stimulating and stimulated mentally by all that passes before you. Preferring to remain unfettered and free to explore new horizons, you find it difficult to take root. A “people” person, you are outgoing and have many friends who enjoy your optimism and good humor. You also work well with your hands and are very versatile.


“I” feels compassion and the desire to serve. You go the extra mile to work for the good of all. If you feel it will improve the lot of your fellow humans and make the world a better place, you may sometimes even work against your own best interests. You have a passionate nature and can go to great lengths for the causes you embrace. Determined and relentless in the pursuit of a cause that excites you, you may become known for your philanthropy and generosity. Because you are a source of insight and encouragement, others eagerly seek your healing energy and counsel. Inspired, you are also an inspiration to others.


“O” feels both sympathetic and responsible. You work best with others and prefer not to go it alone. You want to create beautiful and congenial surroundings, and like to support and sustain your loved ones. You are the glue that keeps the family together and the lubricant that smoothes over the rough edges in intimate relationships. You can also be relied upon, such that your friends and family will vouch for your loyalty, stability and steadfastness. You are a refuge for those in need of help, and you have excellent problem-solving skills when the time comes to explore options and plan strategy. You give comfort and lend a sympathetic ear.


“U” feels lucky and joyful. One who approaches life with confidence and faith in the outcome, you are the soul of conviviality. Seeking out pleasure and laughter, you are the life of any party. You are also talented and creative, and enjoy expressing yourself through artistic endeavors. You are fond of travel and faraway places, so that you are always open to going off on a jaunt if you if can arrange it. Never one to hold a grudge, you don’t dwell on past slights and quickly forget any infractions. You are always willing to share your energy, joy, talents and love with those who appreciate your gifts.


“W” feels restless and energetic. When used for the good of others, the powerful force of this vibration can achieve great feats and effect change. When used for self-aggrandizement, however, it can be domineering and greedy. There is sometimes a great desire for freedom and self-expression. There is an inherent dynamism in this number, which seeks change but can which also manifest in wavering between various points of view.


“Y” feels curious and introspective. You are happiest when studying in your book-lined library, far from the hubbub of daily life. Solitude and quiet appeal to you because they allow you to delve into all the things that puzzle or fascinate you. You are not afraid to ask yourself difficult questions, and will spend much energy and time seeking out answers. Sometimes your need to be alone is misunderstood, but it is necessary if you are to follow your strong desire to develop self-awareness and wisdom. Eventually you will share what you have learned with others, either in a one-to-one setting or through writing or speaking. Your introversion makes it all possible.

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