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Family Number

Family number in numerology represents the common energy of one's family – inherited patterns passed through generations of people with the same family name.


The number 1 family emphasizes leadership and achievement. Offspring in this family are encouraged to follow respected professions, and may be pressured to live up to standards set by parents and grandparents. If the family atmosphere is negative, there may be a great deal of arrogance and bullying, as well as contempt for the child who does not fit the pattern. In a positive atmosphere, the child is encouraged toward independence, and the family is proud of any kind of success. There may be a family history of health problems relating to the chest area.


The number 2 family is cooperative, quiet and refined. Although detail-oriented and particular about cleanliness, they are rarely strong disciplinarians, relying instead on the harmony of the group. In a negative atmosphere, the parents will be indecisive and fail to provide a clear value system. They may also become nit-pickers, overly concerned about minor matters of diet, dress, and other personal habits. In a positive atmosphere, the emphasis on peace and diplomacy will encourage emotional maturity in the offspring, and the family will provide a background of good culture and appreciation for the arts. There may be a family medical history of digestive complaints.


The 3 family number is generally optimistic and enthusiastic, and tends to be rather chatty. Ambition often runs high among family members. This family may be very active in the community, perhaps in political or social causes. If the family atmosphere is negative there can be a tendency to neglect individual needs in favor of socializing, to be impatient with the pace of a child's normal development, and to have such widespread interests that very little is actually accomplished. In a positive context, the home will be joyful and stimulating, encouraging the humor as well as the ambitions of the family members. There may be a family medical history of skin problems, or poor blood circulation.


The number 4 family may appear quite eccentric to outsiders. In a negative family atmosphere, they are inclined to moodiness and rigid attitudes which may inhibit a child's creativity. If the atmosphere is positive, the family emphasizes practicality, reliability, and family loyalty. There is probably an emphasis on mechanical skills, which may also translate into scientific or mathematical ability in the family members. There may be a medical history of depression or psychosomatic illness in the family.


The number 5 family usually produces members who are quite physically attractive. A wide range of temperaments spring from this family. In a negative atmosphere, there may be great emotional and financial instability, perhaps a broken home or runaway children. In a positive atmosphere, this family fosters a sense of the adventurousness of life, a willingness to take chances, to adapt to change, and to travel. There may be a family medical history of nervous disorders or addictive behavior.


The number 6 family is usually very devoted to its home life and to the extended family or community at large. These people are usually quite attractive, and may exhibit musical talent. In a negative atmosphere there may be too much emphasis on receiving the approval of others. The parents may be overly protective and interfere too much in their children's lives. When the atmosphere is positive, this family encourages service to the community that is also personally rewarding, and provides a sense of security and comfort in the home. There may be a family medical history of allergies or problems in the lungs and chest.


The number 7 family is quiet, and may appear secretive or mysterious to outsiders. Spiritual wisdom is important in this family. When the atmosphere is negative, it may produce a sense of isolation and emotional coldness between its members and lead to difficulties in forming close relationships or communicating well with others. There is also a possibility of religious intolerance. In a positive atmosphere, the intellect is stimulated, useful study is encouraged, and the family members develop a sense of being well-grounded and self-sufficient. There may be a family medical history of insomnia or ulcers.


The number 8 family emphasizes hard work and practicality. If the atmosphere is negative, the parents will tend to be domineering and materialistic, and to denigrate a child's playful nature. When the atmosphere is positive, the parents set an example of good judgment and money management, and the family learns to work together as a team. There may be a medical history of headaches, arthritis, and age-related problems.


The 9 family number is concerned with its place in the world as a whole. Strong dedication to a humanitarian belief system is a family characteristic. When the atmosphere is negative, lofty idealism and grandiose dreams of changing the world may cause the parents to ignore the day-to-day needs of the home. In a positive atmosphere, love of humanity is an extension of love for family and self, and devotion to service is rarely carried to the point of self neglect. There may be a family tendency to be accident prone.

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