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Dear Numerology Friends,

We created the Practical Numerology website so that you can actually benefit from numerology – whether you enjoy it just for fun, if it’s your hobby, or even if it’s a source of income for you.

About Me

Mysticism, esotericism, spirituality... I’ve always been interested in those things. In my youth I joined a spiritual movement where I practiced bhakti yoga and mantra meditation. After that I became a family man, but my interest in higher knowledge has not left me. My Aquarian/Uranian nature now compels me to combine spirituality with modern ways such as computers and the internet. As a professional translator, I have translated several numerology and astrology books and adapted them for computer programs. And I have also developed my own advanced Numerology program.

Over time the idea of a website also matured, and on 2/10/2010 the website was launched.

Twos, Threes and the Six

Do you see all the 1’s and 2’s in the “birth date” of our website? In numerology, ones stand for originality and progressiveness. Twos signify support and cooperation. And the sum of the whole date is six – a number that likes to serve others without repayment. really does contain all these energies – to provide you with all the information you need about numerology in an original way that can actually benefit and help you. And also, to entertain you – and that is the energy of number 3, which is the number of my birth date and also my birth name.

I am not a numerologist myself, but I love numerology. And I am delighted to be able to share this powerful knowledge with other numerology friends like you.

I wish you a lot of fun and many inner realizations on your exciting journey with numbers!

Andrej Kikelj

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