A6 - Karmic Debt Numbers

karmic debt numbers

During our long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated a wealth of wisdom, and have made many good choices that benefit us in future lifetimes. We have also made mistakes, and have sometimes abused the gifts we have been given.

To rectify such errors, we may take on an additional burden in order to learn a particular lesson that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. In numerology, this burden is called a Karmic Debt.

The numbers that indicate a Karmic Debt are 13, 14, 16, and 19.


13 can be an extremely potent number representing transformation and success, but it usually symbolizes immaturity, lack of seriousness, degeneration, irresponsibility, trivial and idle disposition, self-indulgence, inefficiency, negligence, carelessness, extravagance, waste, verbal abuse, dishonesty, inflexibility, restriction, and health issues.

The 13 karmic number has misused his or her power in past life time. In present this person has to work hard, be stable and forthright in dealings with other people. Many highly successful people in all walks of life, including business, art, and athletics, have a 13 Karmic Debt.


14 most often represents over-indulgence, recklessness, excessive sexual appetites, abuse of freedom, short-lived interests and ventures, transitory nature, rolling stone lifestyle, lack of healthy limits, debauchery, letting go too soon or hanging on too long, constant change, impulsiveness, scattering energies, avoidance of commitment and instability.

The 14 karmic number has misused his or her freedom in past life time. In present this person has to have control of his freedom and take care that no one gets affected due to his or her freedom. Modesty is the best solution in all affairs.


16 most often represents misapplication of sexual energy, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, illicit involvements, hurtful love relationships, secret sex, aloofness, distrust, neglect, loss, hypocrisy, superficiality, painful collapse of ego-self ideals, rise in status leading to eventual collapse, intense pride, self-righteousness, secrecy and painful separations.

The 16 karmic number had unusual or illicit love affairs that caused another a lot of pain in one's past life. In this life time one should not get involved in affairs of love, which give pain to others. One has a lot of ego, highly intuitive and refined intellect to look down upon others, and views the rest of the world as inferior.


19 most often represents selfishness, dependency, inability to see things from others' viewpoints, isolation, greed, theft, self-importance, addiction, aggression, intolerance, ego-centric outlook, abuse of power, disrespect of others, coercion, refusal to seek help from others, and self-centeredness.

The 19 karmic number has misused his or her entire king power in past life. Difficulties will be faced and overcome through personal struggle. Much of one's independence is self-imposed; one simply doesn't want to listen to others, or to accept the help or advice of others.


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