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Date Numbers

In the second part of our course, we will look at the Date Numbers – the numerology numbers that are hidden within our birth date. The most important of these is the Life Path Number - a sum of the entire birth date. You will also learn about the Day of Birth Number, the Year of Birth Number, the Month of Birth Number and the Attitude Number (a sum total of the day and month of your birth).
B1 - Date Numbers - Our Lucky Numbers From Birth Date

Birthdate Numerology – Our lucky numbers derived from birth date

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B2 - Life Path Number – Our Main Life Lesson

Life Path Number in numerology describes the main lesson that we have come to learn in this world.

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B3 - Day Of Birth - Our Character And Abilities

Birthday numerology – Day of birth number describes one's character, talents and abilities.

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B4 - Birth Month - Our Youth's Influences On Maturity

Birth Month (Month of Birth number in numerology) shows how our youth influences our maturity.

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B5 - Year Of Birth Number - Our Place In The World

Birth Year - Year of Birth Number describes our experiences by which we find our place in life.

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B6 - Attitude Number - How We Usually Act

Attitude Number describes how we usually act, although we don’t necessarily feel this way.

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