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Year Of Birth

Our birth year signifies the overall theme of the life that we have determined to live in this incarnation.

By noting the solar year of birth, we can determine what type of experiences we will have which we can use to find our niche in life. The year of birth also gives us a clue as to the obligations we will have which will help us to mature and develop.


If your birth year number is one, you enjoy being centre of attention and will take every opportunity to bask in the limelight where you feel most at ease. Because you normally have a sunny disposition, you have many friends and will not be short of admirers. Holidays and other leisure activities are paramount to you as you try to organise at least one get away each year to receive much needed rest as well as enjoy yourself. Children and animals will, as a rule, fill your life to give you companionship. You have somewhat of a regal attitude and may therefore find yourself set apart from your peers. This can be saddening at times because quite often you would like to simply blend into the crowd. As a child you may have felt somewhat alone, even when in a room full of people. Although this sense of isolation has given you cause for concern, it has helped you to develop a sense of independence which will carry you through the most solitary of times.


If your birth year number is two, you tend to be a considerate, family oriented person. If at all possible, you would prefer to work in the home, such as that of a homemaker, farmer or teleworker. If for whatever reason this is not possible, you will look for an alternative outlet for this nesting instinct by turning your place of work into a home away from home. You tend to socialise extensively with your family a great deal and will intentionally select friends who are compatible with your domestic life. As a child your mother or other maternal figure played an important part in your life, thus instilling a deep sense of compassion in your psyche. You can be somewhat reactive when you feel threatened and should therefore exercise discretion before behaving in an extreme fashion.


If your birth year number is three then travel and education will mean a great deal to you as you firmly believe that knowledge is power. You will, as a rule, be well read and embark upon travel and other adventures to enrich your life. It is likely that you will speak more than one language, and this ability will invariably come in handy at some point as many bi-lingual opportunities will be opened up to you. You are lucky with money and will have a higher standard of living than many of your peers, consequently causing you to become the victim of jealousy by those who do not understand your circumstances. Because you consider yourself to be well educated, you will need to exercise caution not to behave arrogantly with those who you feel are less learned than yourself because you may be surprised to discover that many of these individuals are much more clever than you would like to believe.


If you birth year number is four, you have a great deal of energy which enables you to embark on numerous activities simultaneously. Although you are quite often well intentioned, you can become sharp with others when under pressure. Even when involved in relationships, your financial circumstances will be such that you will often feel the need to seek paid employment throughout much of your life. You are very independent and not afraid to embark upon activities by yourself if others who share the same interests are not available. You are a very focused person who has a will of iron when you have set a goal that you would like to achieve. You can, however, be somewhat egocentric when you are going about achieving your ambitions, and may consequently find yourself feeling alone much of the time.


If your birth year number is five, the ability to communicate with others will be important to you as you have learned from an early age that it is the perfect tool used to make friends and influence people. You may have come from humble beginnings and are therefore conscientious of your status amongst your peers, at times even embellishing stories to make a good impression on others. You are an intelligent, articulate person who becomes easily bored and therefore needs a diverse circle of friends to help you stay mentally stimulated.


If your birth year number is six, you have a pleasant disposition which will make you attractive to others. You enjoy the fine arts and will take pleasure in cultural activities such as music, dance and theatre. Personal relationships will be special to you as you treat every friend as if he is your best. Because one-to-one contacts play such a significant part in your psyche, you are not likely to be a part of the single scene for any great length of time before your significant other makes his presence known. You feel most comfortable within a traditional relationship and may therefore marry more than once in order to maintain harmony within that part of you which needs a partner.


If your birth year number is seven, it is quite likely that there was some confusion surrounding your birth or early years as certain family members may have involved you in out of the ordinary activities which left you feeling that you were different from your peers. Your health is of great importance to you because often you are plagued by chronic ailments, such as respiratory or digestive problems, which have a tendency to flare up when you are under stress. You are very sensitive, if not psychic, and can be hurt easily by the words and actions of others. Quite often, however, rather than confront those situations and people who have caused you anxiety, you would prefer to indulge in food, drugs or alcohol as an escape mechanism. Quite often you seek the perfect relationship. When you feel that you have found the perfect partner you life is bliss, but when you realise that he has flaws as all people do, you can quickly become disillusioned.


If your birth year number is eight, you tend to be a serious type who is not prone to the general gaiety which can come so easily for others. From an early age you have had many responsibilities which have added to your serious demeanour. You may have been faced with many restrictions, such as too much discipline, which has affected your outlook on life. Because most of your lessons have been learned through experience, you tend to be practically minded, if not a bit cynical at times and will gain most of your experience through work. You have had many obstacles to overcome and have learned not to get your hopes up too high because it is all to easy to be let down.


If your birth year number is nine, you have a changeable character which leaves others guessing what mood you will be in on any given day. Although you are quite bright, you may have difficulty sticking with one particular project because you can easily lose interest. You have an advanced view of spirituality as you combine today’s comparatively sophisticated lifestyle with ancient religious beliefs to develop your own philosophy which you use to maintain equilibrium in this sometimes hectic world. You will likely find a great deal of satisfaction working with technology because it allows you to enhance your creativity.

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