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Numerology is an ancient, mathematically accurate method that reveals our character, our future and our lucky numbers - derived just from our birth name and birth date.

Rainbow Numbers

Among many methods that reveal the human character and destiny, numerology is one of the simplest.

Unlike astrology, for example, numerology can be very quickly learned and used for our benefit. We only need to know the meaning of each number, and learn some simple rules for numerological calculations.

In the past, numerology was an occult science, carefully guarded from the ordinary people. Today, however, anyone can calculate one's own lucky numbers and use them for his or her benefit. On these pages, you will learn how to do it.

Vibrations of Numbers

We live in a world of vibrations. Everything that exists - from the smallest atom to the gigantic planets - has its own vibration. 

The musical tones, the colors, as well as all persons, each have a vibration of its own. That's why we say that a person or a thing has a "good vibe" or "bad vibe".

Butterfly Number 88

Each of us carries within oneself two most important personal vibrations that accompany us throughout our life: the vibration of our name and the vibration of our birth date.

It is not the same if people call us Frank or Francis. Do you feel the difference?

This is because each letter has a different vibration. And all the numbers that comprise our birth date, also have their own vibration.

We can assign numerology numbers to our birth date and birth name, and then interpret them. They can help us develop a deeper understanding of our own self, our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and personal patterns, and of our deepest needs and desires.

It can be said that the vibrations of our birth name and birth date are the key that can open the door to self-realization and fulfilled life.

Let us now look at the vibrations that are hidden in the numbers of birth date …

Date Numbers


Based on our birth date, we can calculate different numerology numbers that describe our life path and tell us about the situations and challenges that await us on this path:

  • The sum of whole birth date, the Life Path number, indicates the main lesson we have come to learn in this world.
  • Day of Birth number describes our character, talents and abilities.
  • Month of birth number describes our character, especially at the beginning of life.
  • Attitude Number, the sum of day and month of birth, describes how we usually act, although we don’t necessarily feel that way.
  • Year of Birth is only a generational number, but it also has a specific influence on our lives.

From birth day, birth month and birth year - by using more complex calculations - we also calculate the »cycle numbers«:

The numbers of Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Life Challenges influence us in key life periods.

The numbers of Personal Years, Personal Months and Personal Days influence us through given years, months and days.

Cosmic Clock


There are also three »universal numbers« - Universal Year, Universal Month and Universal Day - that apply to everybody. In readings of personal date numbers, the influence of these universal numbers is also sometimes taken into account.

Now, to get a better insight into one's soul, we need to look at …

Name Numbers


Based on our birth name, we can calculate different numerology numbers that describe us as a person - our personality, our heart's desires and inner values. The three most important such numbers are:

The Expression Number (sum total of all the letters of one's full birth name) shows our talents and abilities and our general direction in life.

The Personality Number (sum total of consonants in one's birth name) shows what characteristics we project into the outside world;

The Soul Urge Number (sum total of vowels in one's birth name) represents the heart's desire of the soul that came into this world.

For further understanding, we can calculate four more name numbers:

The First Vowel in Name number additionally colors our emotions and motivations.

The First Letter in Name number further explains our talents and abilities.

Karmic Lessons Numbers (missing numbers in one's birth name) show in which areas we are lacking in our life.

Family Number (sum total of all the letters of last name) reveals what we have in common with our ancestors.

There is one more numerology number that becomes very important later in our life - the sum total of birth date and full birth name. It displays the capabilities that we can develop in our maturity, and is therefore called the Maturity Number.


All these name numbers are calculated from one's full birth name. In the course of our life other numbers may become important for us, and we will probably acquire other names, but, like our astrological birth chart, the numerological vibrations at the very beginning of our life set the tone for all that follows.

People change their name for many different reasons: when they marry, for political reasons, as a pseudonym, to mask their identity, when taking spiritual initiation … And nowadays more and more people also change their name on the basis of a numerical calculation.

But the latter, of course, requires a detailed …

Numerological Analysis


As you can see, the numerological profile of an individual has quite a few numbers, but this should not discourage you. For basic numerological analysis, only three »core numbers« are needed: The Life Path that shows our mission, the Expression Number that reveals our gifts and potentials, and the Soul Urge Number that represents the emotional force behind our actions.

For more detailed explanation, we look at three more numbers: The Personality Number which reveals our outer self, the Day of Birth Number which further reveals our talents and abilities, and the Maturity Number that becomes important in the mature phase of our life.

To look into the future, examine the forecast numbers. When planning the near future, the relevant numbers are Personal Years, Personal Months and Personal Days. And for important long-term decisions, you should consult the numbers of Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Life Challenges.

In advanced numerology analysis, compatibility of the core numbers in one's numerology profile is also taken into account. This helps us in harmonizing the discordant parts of our personality.


Numbers Pink

How to calculate the numerology numbers? You shall find the detailed instructions in the descriptions of each numerology number, but in general the following applies:

With date numbers, we first sum the individual digits; then the sum total is reduced (added up) until we get to a one-digit number. For example, if we calculate the Life Path number from the birth date 13. 4. 1973, the sum total is 28. This is then reduced by adding the numbers 2 and 8. The result of 10 is then again reduced with 1 + 0 to 1.

Whenever a sum total turns out to be a master number 11 or 22, however, it is left as-is.

The numbers obtained in this way - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22 - each have their own specific characteristics and explanations.

For name numbers, each letter is assigned a particular number. These numbers are summed up, and the sum total is reduced to a one-digit number.

Letter A, for example, is associated with value 1, letter F with 8, and so on. For determining these values, there are various »numerology alphabets« that have developed through history …

History of Numerology

Old written records from many cultures show that numerology was known since the beginning of written history. Some of the prominent examples are Indian Vedas, Chinese Yi Jing, Hebrew Kabbalah, and Egyptian Book of the Dead. And it was in Egypt that Pythagoras, great Greek mathematician and sage, learned numerology. He then brought it to Greece where he developed a modern understanding of the vibrational nature of numbers and their influence on living and non-living nature.


Pythagoras is considered the father of modern numerology; from his numerology school came the Pythagorean numerology, which is the most widespread in the world today. In Pythagorean numerology alphabet, the letters correspond to numbers in alphabetical order: A = 1, B = 2, etc.

The second most popular system today is the Chaldean numerology, which is believed to originate from ancient Babylonia. In Chaldean numerology alphabet, the letters have the corresponding numerical values not according to alphabetical order, but according to their sound vibrations.

Most of today's numerologists use various elements from both the Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology that proved themselves accurate in numerological practice. We ourselves also use this approach. The meanings and interpretations of numbers themselves, however, are almost the same both in Chaldean and Pythagorean system.

Nowadays, numerology is becoming more and more popular. It is being used by millions of people around the world, including many celebrities and famous people.

Why is numerology so popular? Because it is very practical and useful …

Practical Uses of Numerology

Personal numerology, based on one's birth date and birth name, can help us:

  • To discover our potentials and our life mission.
  • To live in tune with the vibrations of given years, months and days.
  • In choosing a partner.
  • In choosing our profession.
  • In selecting suitable dates for important meetings, investments, projects, signing contracts, registering a business, traveling …
  • In choosing employees for our company …
  • In the care of our health.
  • In choosing the appropriate name for one's child.

Numerology, however, does not apply only to persons; each and every object also has its own vibration, reflected in its name. Therefore, numerology can also be very useful in:

  • Choosing a favorable name for one's company and products.
  • Choosing a suitable house number for one's living.
  • Analyzing the names of cities and countries where we plan to move.
  • Analyzing one's phone numbers for work and friends.
  • Lottery.

The usefulness of numerology goes even further - if we associate our personal numbers with music or color therapy, with astrology, cartomancy …

Numerology Associations

Since everything in this world has its own vibration, the vibrations of numbers have been associated by different researchers with various other vibrations. Thus they determined:

Numerology numbers of colors in visible spectrum.

Numerology numbers of musical tones.

Numerology numbers of different crystals and gems.

Numerology numbers of planets in astrology.

Numerology numbers of chakras in human body.

Numerology numbers of Tarot cards.

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