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The basic numbers are the single-digit numbers from 1 to 9. They carry the most weight in numerological analysis.

Please read the basic meaning of numerology numbers below.


General description: Number 1 indicates change and charting new paths. When it appears in a name or a birth date, it heralds new events, new situations and journeys. Its nature is intellectual and masculine. The number 1 has a strong will to achieve a goal. But if it does not achieve its goal, it can become domineering, ruthless, egotistical; its new goal becomes self-gratification, while it justifies its actions as its duty.

Number 1 keywords: new beginnings, independence, new opportunity, inspiration, originality, independence, focus, leadership, determination, self-employment, courage, isolation.

The balanced energy of number 1 is expressed as: initiative, energetic, perseverance, creativity, self-confidence, ambitiousness, self-assurance, dynamism, boldness, progressiveness, decisiveness.

The over-expressed energy of number 1 manifests as: selfishness, impatience, elitism, intolerance, addictiveness, aggressiveness, pride, stubbornness, obstinacy, defiance, spitefulness, tyranny, lack of self-criticism, arrogance, bossiness, possessiveness, greed.

The under-expressed energy of number 1 manifests as: passivity, indecisiveness, cowardice, dependence, insecurity, servility, powerlessness, lack of self-esteem, inconstancy, boredom.


General description: Number 2 represents the law of cooperation. Its nature is feminine, emotional, intuitive, slow, hot. When it appears in the name, it indicates tact and diplomacy. The other side of the number 2 expresses itself in shyness, duplicity and inwardness.

Number 2 keywords: sensitivity, teamwork, partnership, marriage, love, divorce, friendship, details, public recognition, tolerance, modesty, receptivity, working behind the scenes, cooperation, rhythm, harmony, slow growth.

The balanced energy of the number 2 is expressed as: tactfulness, sensitivity, co-ordination, flexibility, diplomacy, helpfulness, patience, sincerity, modesty, caution, respectfulness, receptivity.

The over-expressed energy of number 2 manifests as: scheming, cheating, manipulating, fault-finding, offended resistance, insincerity, indulgence, judgmentalism, interference.

The under-expressed energy of number 2 manifests as: unreceptiveness, cowardice, excessive modesty, dependence, inertia, indecisiveness, hesitancy, hypersensitivity, carelessness.


General description: Number 3 represents the law of love. It rules family and social life. It is the number of expressiveness; it stimulates the arts of various kinds both by intellect and intuition. It is a joyful number, giving opportunity for play and fun. It is full of aspirations and optimism. Number 3 in the name signifies popularity, children, marriage and intrigue. If its energy is used ethically, it brings success; otherwise it is a sign of carelessness, frivolity and wasting of talents.

Number 3 keywords: laughter, fun, entertainment, new friends, working on oneself, attracting love, sexual expression, artistic creativity, writing, good times, quick recovery, dramatic emotional ups and downs, easy money, instability.

The balanced energy of number 3 is expressed as: sincere expression of emotions, optimism, literary talent, playfulness, sophistication, fun, ingenuity, popularity, attractiveness.

The over-expressed energy of number 3 manifests as: lack of focus, dissipation of energy, over-confidence, shallow emotions, irresponsibility, gossiping, exaggeration, superficiality.

The under-expressed energy of number 3 manifests as: insincere expression of emotions, capriciousness, hair-splitting, defeatism, jealousy, antisociality, lack of self-confidence, boredom, vagueness, recklessness, indecisiveness, lack of commitment, anxiety.


General description: Number 4 represents hard work and building solid foundations. It is a source of energy for organisation and work in companies. Its nature is cold, intellectual, slow. In the name, it represents discipline, but in the numerological cycle it represents limitation due to the need for hard work. The number 4 represents the law of justice without mercy, tolerance or compassion.

Number 4 keywords: material interests, structured, money matters, creating a lasting foundation, work, business success, stable finances, routine tasks, organisation, forming ideas, efficiency, physical activity, taking care of health, limitations, lack of fun and excitement.

The balanced energy of number 4 is expressed as: productivity, reliability, economy, prudence, discipline, integrity, methodical, analytical, seriousness, balance, loyalty, reasonableness, perseverance.

The over-expressed energy of number 4 manifests as: rigidity, narrow-mindedness, inflexibility, harshness, dreariness, numb emotions, unbending, provincialism, over-honesty, pettiness.

The under-expressed energy of number 4 manifests as: apathy, disorganisation, objectionable, impracticality, being caught in routine, carelessness, inefficiency, distraction, idleness, negligence.


General description: The number 5 represents new experiences. It indicates change, travel, new friendships, but without attachment. This number also indicates an interest in the arts, religions and beliefs. Their nature is fast, careless and speculative. Freedom of action is most important to them. Their areas of interest are trade and research. They want instant gratification, regardless of cost or consequences.

Number 5 keywords: advertising, marketing, sales, sensuality, sexuality, freedom, travel, communications, change, fluctuation, adaptability, excitement, adventure, total change.

The balanced energy of number 5 expresses itself as: multi-faceted, free-spirited, healthy boundaries, entering into career or personal relationships at the right time, proactive thinking, charm, curiosity, flexibility, independence, cleverness, resourcefulness, liberation.

The over-expressed energy of number 5 manifests as: over-indulgence, restlessness, excessive sexuality, recklessness, breaking off relationships too soon, impatience, excessive need for excitement, eccentricity, excessive need for independence, insatiability, restlessness.

The under-expressed energy of number 5 manifests as: fear of change, stagnation, dependency, clinging to already expired relationships, conformism, fear of freedom, dullness, ineffectiveness, expressionless.


General Description: Number 6 represents the law of material sufficiency and brings money to those who work hard. Its nature is both intellectual and emotional. It rules schooling and married life. Its vibration brings harmony to home and community life. It governs large groups and institutions. The number 6 aims to create beauty, harmony and rhythm. In the name it denotes the need to take responsibility in daily life.

Number 6 keywords: home and family, relationships, marriage, divorce, love between man and woman, responsibility, friendships, karma, emotions, slow moving energy, harmony, teaching, healthy balanced life.

The balanced energy of number 6 is expressed as: dedication to family, counselling, friendliness, tolerance, supporting others, respectfulness, conciliation, protectiveness, humanitarianism, responsibility, commitment, loving attitude, stability, rationality.

The over-expressed energy of number 6 manifests as: distorted idealism, criticism, interference, dogmatism, possessiveness, headstrongness, self-sacrifice, stubbornness, unreconcilable, loss of courage.

The under-expressed energy of number 6 manifests as: uncaring, uncooperative, biased, indifferent, over-indulgent, lethargic, inhospitable, avoiding commitments, inconsolable.


General description: Number 7 symbolises the law of culture. Its nature is cold and intellectual. It is the number of inventors, musicians and composers. It is in charge of home and family responsibilities. It indicates good health and behaviour and a philosophical nature. When used improperly, the number 7 expresses itself in deceit and obstinacy.

Number 7 keywords: mysticism, intuition, personal growth, exams, studying, analysing, reflecting, lesser physical vitality, greater mental activity, preserving, planning, attracting unexpected help, specialising, solitude, health care, travelling.

The balanced energy of number 7 expresses itself as: interest in spirituality, different wavelength, intellectual, clairvoyant, analytical, perceptive, scientific, exact, meditative, mystical, competent, erudite, sober, telepathic, visionary, profound, idealistic dreams, instinctive, reflexive, truth-seeking, studious, wise.

The over-expressed energy of number 7 manifests as: timidity, nervousness, criticism, paranoia, hesitancy, inwardness, repressed emotions, distrust, reserve, intimidation, nagging, evasiveness, fanaticism, embarrassment, perfectionism, impersonality, pessimism.

The under-expressed energy of number 7 manifests as: shallowness, naivety, ignorance, credulity, foolishness, confusion, superficiality, suspicious, undeveloped, uninformed, insecure.


General description: Number 8 symbolises justice with mercy and is the number of power. Its nature is cold and masculine. It indicates good health, energy and perseverance. It can bring wealth. It is disciplined, methodical, orderly, systematic. This is the number that brings our life lessons. We must use its power for the good of humanity; if we channel it for other purposes, it brings destruction and ultimately self-destruction.

Number 8 keywords: influence, money, karma, busyness, business success, business failure, control, material objects, social status, loss, gain, administration, management, ego, leadership, power, authority.

The balanced energy of number 8 is expressed as: success, high energy, dominance, toughness, self-confidence, persuasiveness, financial orientation, efficiency, ambition, businesslike, sober, disciplined, materially independent, honourable, enterprising.

The over-expressed energy of number 8 manifests as: abuse of power, ruthlessness, egotism, money addiction, scheming, aggressiveness, materialism, bribery, excessive demandingness, bossiness, obsession with money and power, lack of compassion, over-ambition, confrontation, rebelliousness, brutality.

The under-expressed energy of number 8 manifests as: passivity, vulnerability, timidity, insecurity, avoidance of money and power, poor judgement, letting go of personal power, myopia.


General Description: Number 9 indicates eagerness, activity, energy, quarrels, wars, fighting and aggression. Its nature is hot and masculine. It is a spiritual number; a person under its influence has healing abilities.

Number 9 keywords: unconditional love, reward, leading by example, dramatic endings, emotional love, emotional crisis, the most beautiful gifts of life, endings, deep love, compassion, attraction, journeys, idealism, charity, art and creativity, spiritual development, love between a man and a woman, forgiveness.

The balanced energy of number 9 expresses itself as: artistic sense, philanthropy, loving attitude, creativity, forgiveness, zeal, benevolence, human warmth, tolerance, emotionality, affection, generosity, helpfulness, enthusiasm, reliability, hospitality, humanity.

The over-expressed energy of number 9 manifests as: cheating, narcissism, hedonism, dishonesty, sentimentality, prejudice, resentment, bad example, hesitation, small-heartedness, vindictiveness, hatefulness.

The under-expressed energy in number 9 is expressed as: excessive conservatism, impersonality, aloofness, coldness, evasiveness, submissiveness, surrender, timidity, victim symptom, disloyalty, vagueness.


The number 0 has no value on its own, but when placed together with other numbers, it multiplies their value many times. Therefore, zero is considered to be a number of infinite value.

Source: - dr. M. Katakkar: Encyclopedia of Numerology (book)

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