C6 - Karmic Lessons - The Lacking Areas In Our Life

Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lessons numbers are digits that are missing in the letters of our birth name. They serve as a guide to the areas of our life and personality that may be lacking. Such areas will benefit from special attention.


With your 1 Karma number, you tend to be indecisive and to lack ambition. You must learn to take the initiative and to be more independent. In a word, take control of your life.


With a Karma number of 2, you may lack patience and tend to be overly sensitive. You may have experiences where you are forced to learn to get along better with others.


With a 3 Karma number, you may lack self-confidence and have problems expressing yourself. Contact with the public can help you to overcome your inhibitions.


With a Karma number of 4, you may have to fight a tendency toward laziness and a lack of focus and concentration. You’ll strengthen your character when you cultivate discipline and make an effort to work steadily for what you want.


With a 5 Karma number, you may fear change in your own life and may thus tend to lack compassion for others who are caught up in devastating changes. A life of wide experience will give you better understanding. As you are presented with life’s challenges, you will find your own power to weather change. Then you will no longer fear it, and you will be able to help others face change in their own lives. This Karma number also reminds you to work on controlling your appetites.


Having 6 as a Karma number points to a need to work on your relationships. You may find others depending on you. This can force you to learn the value of family and other close ties.


With a Karma number of 7, it’s possible that you have many fears and anxieties. You will find that the path out of your worry is to develop your intellect and spirituality.


With an 8 Karma number, you are ambitious, but your judgment may not always be the best. You must learn the value of money, and find out how to use power responsibly.


Having 9 as a Karma number, you are likely to be out of touch with your feelings, walled off in the prison of your ego so that you feel isolated from others. Your path is to invite your feelings in as friends, experiencing them fully, giving them due consideration, and putting them in their proper place. Art, myth, story, music, and possibly some form of therapy will put you in touch with the life-giving energy of your feelings and will help you open your heart to others.


The fact that you have no Karma numbers indicates that you are a very special person! You are unusually well balanced, and have an excellent chance of resolving any personality problems. Your state of evolution is such that you are perfecting your human character and are free to give much service to the world.

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