D8 - Universal Day – Global Influences On Different Days

Universal Day 

Universal Day in numerology describes global themes and influences on different days.


This is a great time to sell goods, seek a new job, start out on a journey, or begin a new project, particularly a project that involves music or building and creating with your hands. This is also an excellent time to enter contests or engage in any activity that is centered on men and male energy.


The 2 is about cooperation, kindness, and giving or receiving help. You'll want to deal with women and strive to keep feelings of fear or timidity in check. You may be given secret information, and it's important to keep the secret safe. This is also a good time for fundraising because you'll be asking people to participate in something that will be helpful to others.


You'll feel social, loved, and loving; you'll be in a party mood; and you may be drawn to participating in public life. This is a very favorable time for decision-making, for asking for special favors, and for buying special gifts. The 3 is also a great vibe for attending movies, theater, or concerts, or expressing your own creativity.


The 4, the number of strength and stability, wants you to work deliberately. You'll put things in order, be organized, play by the rules, lay a good foundation, and maybe fix up your home. You may feel somewhat restricted or confined by your duties, but your efforts will pay off. This is also a great time for signing long-term contracts, especially ones that deal with real estate.


This is a good day for moving to a new house, movement in general, meeting new people or trying anything new, although your plans may change at the last minute. You'll want to watch both your driving and your verbal speed—you may start an argument by speaking quickly and without thinking. You'll also enjoy time with children, entertainment, or beauty treatments—after all, 5 is about your sensual self.


Taking care of the home, family, and creative projects are the order of the day. You'll want to share your responsibilities with family and friends, but be careful not to expect too much of people. The 6's vibrancy makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and this is great for all of your relationships. Engagements and marriage proposals surface under this vibe, but so can bickering and quarrels.


You'll want to meditate and deal with your inner self and the spiritual side of things. You may have profitable ideas at this time, although you probably won't act on any of them until you come under the 8. Legal issues may surface, particularly those concerning the adoption of a child. Over all, rest and stay away from any talk that smacks of gossip.


The 8 vibrates to money, power, leadership, and control. You'll be concerned about your savings and investments, and you may experience very strong feelings. This is a great time to examine how you deal with authority figures, such as bosses. If you face employment issues and put yourself out there, you may be well rewarded. This is also an excellent time to deal with charitable organizations.


The 9 is about giving and caring for others and for the world at large. Be truthful and stick to your values under this vibe. You may feel creative and want to express yourself in theater, visual art, or music. Metaphysics, occult subjects, and unique trips or adventure travel may hold your attention, and you'll have the knack for attracting publicity, especially for worthy causes. If you use your finances to assist others, you will prosper in the end.

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