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In the fifth part of our numerology course you will learn about the numbers of our new name that we acquire in life, e.g. when we get married: the New Expression Number, the New Motivation Number and the New Family Number.

You will also get answers to the questions: Should I change my name? Why do I want to change my name? Which name is best for me?
E1 - Numerology For Name Change

Numerological Analysis of the New Name If you have changed your name or surname in life, such as when you get married, numerological analysis of your new name can help you understand your new motives, inclinations and talents. Some people, however, want to change their name themselves to accelerate their personal development or career. In […]

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E2 - Name Correction Numerology

Choosing A New Name With Numerology Choosing the right new name can accelerate our personal growth and even improve our chances of an artistic or political career. On the other hand, a name change that is not optimal can have effects that we did not want at all.

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E3 - Minor Expression Number Complements Our Character

MINOR Expression Number In numerology, Minor Expression Number is the sum of all the letters of our new name, which complements, compensates or counterbalances our character.

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E4 - Minor Soul Urge Number

Minor Soul Urge Number - what we truly want from life The Minor Soul Urge Number is the sum of all the vowels of our new name. It helps us in clarifying what it is that we really want from life.

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E5 - New Last Name In Numerology

New last Name Number – finding your own way Our Last name number at birth represents our inherited family patterns, while the New Family Number expresses our desire to deviate from the path our family has set for us.

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