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Analyzing numerological numbers is a skill that is not difficult to learn, but it tells us an astonishing amount about ourselves and other people. In this final part of our numerology course, you will learn all the elements of numerological analysis, after which you will be able to make a personal or partner analysis, or an analysis of a new name.
F1 - Numerology Analysis Of Birth Name And Date

Numerology analysis of birth name and birth date gives us a great deal of information about ourselves and others.

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F2 - Numerology Charts - Converting Letters Into Numbers

Numerology charts - numerology tables for converting letters into numbers

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F3 - The Power Of Numbers

THE Power of numbers – Ranking of Numerology Numbers The most important numbers in our lives are the core numerology numbers: Life Path Number (the sum of one's birth date), Expression Number (the sum of birth name), Personality Number (the sum of the vowels of birth name), Soul Urge Number (the sum of the consonants […]

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F4 - Numerology Compatibility

Numerology Compatibility – Compatibility of Numbers in personal and comparative numerology charts

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F5 - Numerology Software

Numerology software for computers Numerology software can make our job of calculating and understanding our personal numbers much easier. Unlike astrology software, which is very numerous, you will not find many computer programs for numerology calculations and interpretations. We will review some of them here.

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