E4 - Minor Soul Urge Number

Minor Soul Urge Number
- what we truly want from life

The Minor Soul Urge Number is the sum of all the vowels of our new name. It helps us in clarifying what it is that we really want from life.


With a 1 Minor Soul Urge, you draw from yourself more strength and determination. You try to be more original, innovative, and independent. You value courage and the will to meet adversity head on. You are more willing to lead, and less willing to follow. You are less easily influenced and intimidated. You are willing to stand alone and are better able to fight for what you think is right.


Your new name has a calming effect on your mind. It makes you more tactful and diplomatic. You are more sensitive and aware with this name. Any musical ability you may have will be enhanced. You will be more refined and gentle. You could become a little less willing to step into the foreground, or to do things strictly on your own. The 2 is a supportive number and enjoys working with others.


Your new name adds enthusiasm, creativity, and liveliness to your personality. You have a greater facility with words and a deeper appreciation for the arts. Writing, singing, acting, and dancing all come easier, especially if you already have talent in any of these areas. Your Minor Soul Urge encourages you to be more social, more flexible, and fun-loving. It makes you less serious. You are more witty and much more inspiring. The 3 provides you with uplifting energy which can motivate others.


Your Minor Soul Urge adds orderliness and practicality to your personality. It makes you more serious, responsible, and practical. Your new name encourages you to pay close attention to details, the nuts and bolts of business. You are less irritated by the routines of life. Your new name inspires you to become more grounded and to think about your basic security and that of your loved ones. You are more likely to be a perfectionist, and less interested in a varied social life. You have strong ideas concerning right and wrong.


Your new name encourages you to seek more freedom and adventure in your life. You want to become less conventional and more individualistic. Your native intelligence and imagination are enhanced. You are more dynamic, enthusiastic, and flexible. You attract more excitement into your life. It is easier to adapt to changes with this Minor Soul Urge.


Your new name increases your capacity to radiate warmth, solicitude, and kindness. You are more patient with others and a far better listener. Your willingness to carry the burden of others is increased. Your Minor Soul Urge increases your creativity and your domestic instincts. Women feel better at home; men feel more comfortable in the roles of husband, father, and provider. Your sense of harmony and social consciousness are enhanced. You are better able to settle disputes. Six is the most balanced of all numbers, in harmony with all other numbers. Very few people with 6s in prominent places stray very far from their true natures.


Your new name increases your desire to study, focus, and specialize in one particular field. It increases your need for privacy, contemplation, and meditation. You turn inward more and reflect on your inner nature. You are also more likely to ponder the deeper questions of life. Your Minor Soul Urge enhances your intelligence and ability to deal with abstract information. You may find yourself expressing a kind of off-beat humor, as well. Sevens are highly refined and intuitive. They do not take things at face value, but seek the depths of understanding.


Your Minor Soul Urge increases your ambition and inner strength. Your ability to deal with business, managerial, and organizational matters is enhanced. You are able to focus on your goals and apply the necessary determination and effort to realize them. Your new name increases your capacity for leadership and personal power. It makes you more conscious of material wealth. You are more willing to work hard to improve your status or financial position. Your new name makes you more aware of being a good judge of character, and you are willing to work on this talent. This results in becoming a shrewd judge of others and a better negotiator.


The shortened version of your name broadens your outlook on life. It makes you more compassionate, socially oriented, and concerned for the welfare of humanity. Your Minor Soul Urge increases your idealism, and capacity for self-sacrifice toward a higher goal. You want to make a difference in life. You may be more likely to hold yourself aloof and thereby making it harder to find the personal love you need. Your appreciation for the arts is increased, and any artistic talent you may have is enhanced. You may want to become more of a teacher, and are attracted to knowledge that will further this ambition.


Your new name increases your sensitivity, intuition, and perceptiveness. It inspires you to deepen your investigation of the mysteries of life. You are more attracted to religion, philosophy, and spiritual understanding. It may awaken your intuitive and even psychic abilities. At the same time, your Minor Soul Urge number makes you more sensitive to your own shortcomings. It encourages you to work on yourself. Your increased sensitivity will encourage you to seek out harmonious and peaceful environments. This will balance the nervous tension that the 11 can stimulate. Your desire to work with others is also improved. You are likely to feel more humble and modest, and seek ways to avoid conflict and maintain harmonious relationships. Your heightened intuitive powers bring highly creative ideas, sudden insights, and realizations.


Your new name increases your ambition, orderliness, and capacity to complete large undertakings significantly. You develop your managerial skills and seek to direct people toward some ambitious undertaking. You will feel more attracted to the study of organizational methods. You are more concerned with your fellow man and want to create something that will improve the well being of others. Your practical nature is joined with your more idealistic and spiritual values. At the same time, you may feel burdened by new and lofty ambitions. High demands can cause you self-doubt. You may be aware of more inner tension, resulting from an inner drive to manifest your ideals in reality. As a result of your Minor Soul Urge number, your efforts are more likely to be directed toward endeavors that are truly great in scope and have a lasting impact.

Source: Numerology Course by Hans Decoz

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