D10 - Universal Year – Global Energies Of A Calendar Year

Universal Year

Universal Year in numerology describes the general themes and influences for everyone in the current year.


1 - Year of new beginnings. A new era of events is likely to begin this year. It's a year of invention, remarkable leadership, exploration, planning, and feats of daring.


2 - Year of integration and patient development. Teamwork and diplomacy can be expected this year. It's a year of societal institution maintenance, cooperation among disparate groups, partnerships, and agreements.


3 - Year of active social life and communication. A new height of creative expression is likely this year. Expect enhanced creativity in works and expressions of art, including vocal, architecture, and acting. Social activities also tend to have more significance.


4 - Year of taking care of business, putting down roots. A focus on building a foundation for the future is likely to be prominent this year. It's a year of conscientiousness, work, paying attention to details, and getting things done in a pragmatic manner.


5 - Year of speculation and enthusiasm, breaking free. There tends to be a bit of restlessness this year. People seem more adaptable and are more likely to take a chance on trying something new or following a whim. Trade seems to flow better. There's more interest in learning about other cultures. Travel is likely to increase.


6 - Year of taking care of others, responsibility and obligation. Expect more marriages this year and a focus on harmony. It's a year of home, responsibility, family commitments, comfort, and concern for health. People are likely to band together to improve their communities. It's also a year of expressing personal beliefs and ideals.


7 - Year of Sabbatical, quietude, examination and analysis, looking within. There's likely to be a focus on perfection and much introspection. It's a year of analyzing and thinking things through. There's a tendency to imbue products and services with quality. Spirituality tends to have more focus. Imagination is likely to be more vivid.


8 - Year of taking control of your life, being tested and evaluated. Material prosperity tends to be more available, especially for businesses. It's a year of business mergers and expansions. Huge engineering projects are likely. Large visions are common. The amount of corporate trade between countries may reach records.


9 - Year of endings, tying up loose ends, letting go. Humanitarianism and compassion tend to pervade the world. It's a year of finishing things and general housecleaning. A focus on an ideal is likely, and more tolerance, understanding, and philanthropy.

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