E5 - New Last Name In Numerology

New last Name Number – finding your own way

Our Last name number at birth represents our inherited family patterns, while the New Family Number expresses our desire to deviate from the path our family has set for us.


People may see you as commanding, or even domineering. You enjoy a position of leadership and like to feel active and forceful. You probably enjoy a career which lets you exercise your leadership skills. You must learn to avoid impatience -- not everyone can be as dynamic and decisive as you are. A good leader allows for the level of ability of those following. You tend to be attracted to flamboyant personalities and bright colors. These attractions help you express your energy and unique style. But don't be too enamored of the flash -- you need inner substance as well. An understanding of both will help you develop your creativity.


You consider yourself easygoing and generally seek a peaceful atmosphere. Your mild manner and quiet demeanor are usually quite pleasing to other people, but you must be careful that your desire to be cooperative and well-liked does not cause you to become passive and indecisive. It's important for you not to make choices based on the influence of whoever you spoke to last. You need to work hard to develop your personal style. Bright colors and trendy clothes are not necessary, but you do need to be clear about the overall image you present. You will probably be happiest in your career if you work in partnership with someone else and develop your talent for diplomacy.


People are attracted to your humor and charm. You may be attracted to a profession such as writing or music where you can fully develop your talent for self-expression. It's important not to let your joy of living in the moment lead to extravagance and carelessness. Remember to keep an eye on the future. You probably appear younger than you are, and you can use this to your advantage in many ways. It's great fun for you to wear fashionable clothing and be socially popular, as long as you don't regress into immaturity.


You're the kind of person who likes to be on time. Practical and reliable, you will be most comfortable in a career that exercises your skill with details and mechanical things -- either by working with your hands, or in a technical or scientific field. You probably have discovered your flair for mathematics. Don't get so caught up in handling the little details that you lose sight of the big picture. Be careful not to let your steadiness, logic, and self discipline develop into narrow-mindedness and stubbornness.


You love change and adventure and are always curious about something new. Clever and spontaneous, you must guard against letting your love of freedom deteriorate into irresponsibility. Your adaptability and quick reflexes suit you for a career that requires fast decisions and crisis management. Your openness to new things makes your life more interesting and helps you make friends. Don't miss opportunities because of a lack of concentration.


Home and family are very important to you. You wish to use your talent for caring in a way that will benefit others. If you are a parent, you must guard against being overprotective and trying to control your children's lives. You have the skill to be a good teacher or to work in a field of community service. People are attracted to your stability and understanding nature. Don't let your sense of responsibility turn into needless anxiety.


People may think of you as a bit of a loner. Solitude can help you probe your own spiritual depths and develop inner strength, but you must guard against becoming socially isolated. You may find great comfort and wisdom in religious faith or philosophical study, and your confident knowledge can benefit both yourself and others. Don't fall into the trap of letting your search for perfection make you judgmental and intolerant. Rather, be patient with both your own and others' failings, and remember that life is a constant process of growth.


Your leadership skills and organizational mind are useful in almost any undertaking. You may find yourself particularly attracted to a career in business or finance. Whatever course you choose, you will approach it with determination. Don't let your seriousness detract from your naturally friendly nature. People will look to you for authority as long as you do not go overboard and become domineering or greedy. Your mature attitude makes it easy for you to get along with those older or more experienced than you, and allows you to be patient and persuasive with those who are younger.


You would like to be a great humanitarian, and your instincts are in the right place. Make sure your dreams and ideals don't dominate you to the point where you never actually take action. People are attracted to your generous nature. You have the ability to be inspiring to others, and you may find yourself attracted to a career that requires you to take risks in order to help others. You may tend to be accident prone, but you can overcome this with your talent for organization.

Source: By The Numbers (book) by Rosemary K. West

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