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Choosing A New Name With Numerology

Choosing the right new name can accelerate our personal growth and even improve our chances of an artistic or political career.
On the other hand, a name change that is not optimal can have effects that we did not want at all.

So we need to ask ourselves some questions first:


The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It is a very personal decision that no one else can make for us.

First of all, we should know that our birth name always remains our fundamental vibration. If we repaint or renovate our house, its foundations still remain the same. And if we add new numerological aspects with a new name, we do not in any way nullify the numerological vibration of our birth name.

The vibrations of the new name are just an upgrade of the original name, so those who think that by changing their name they can escape their current troubles are very mistaken. We must therefore ask ourselves another very important question:


When a name is changed because present circumstances are unwanted, the circumstances will follow. They will be more tenacious because, in many cases, the new name now has less of the vibrations required to solve the problems.

The name a person has when a problem arises is the best name to have when solving the problem. The problem, and the energy needed to solve the problem, resonate with the name. When a name is changed before personal problems are solved, the wherewithal to solve the problems might no longer be there. The problems that came along from the past name may persist forever because the person of the new name can not solve them.

Some people who have had their name changed several times become very confused because none of them seem to help. Numerologist Will Bontrager advises that in such cases, they should rather go back and assume the name given at birth. With this name, they should solve their problems first, and then they can decide whether or not a name change would make their life better without upsetting any of the good they already have.

And what if we want to enrich our lives because of our feelings of inferiority? That, of course, is also a wrong motive. In reality, we are very valuable just as we are. Let us try to face our "negative" qualities and accept them for what they are. A name change has its greatest positive effect only after we have fully accepted our birth name.

If we want to change our name, the best motive is to attract more personal attributes and to take on more responsibility.


Numerology can be very helpful when choosing a new name. But in order to find the name that is best for us, we first need to define exactly what we want to achieve.

'A better career' is not specific. Determine what specific career you are looking for. 'More happiness' is not specific. Determine what specifically makes you happy. Be sure about it. If you just think it will make you happy, most likely you would be disappointed.

Once you are sure what you want, make a list of names (full names with first and last names) that might be suitable for your new name.

When choosing a new name, it should feel good, be clear, sound good, be easy to pronounce and not raise any doubts.


Now let's call on numerology to help us.

First, we calculate the Minor Expression Number for each new name in the list. Check that this number matches what you want to achieve with your new name. For example, if you want to be a musician, this is primarily reflected in the vibration of the number 3.

Then compare the Expression number of the new name with your Life Path number. Are the two numbers compatible? Check the Number Matching Table.

Repeat the procedure with all the names on your list.

Now calculate the Soul Urge Number for all the new names on your list. Check how well they match your wishes and whether they are compatible with your Life Path number.

Finally, for the new names on your list, calculate their Minor Personality numbers, compare them with your wishes and check how compatible they are with your Life Path number.

In this analysis, in order of importance, the Minor Expression number ranks first, the Minor Soul Urge number ranks second, and the Minor Personality number ranks third.


Now we can filter out the less relevant new names and leave only the most relevant ones on the list. For each of them, do a full numerological analysis, which includes the life cycles.

Such a numerological analysis gives us a pretty clear picture of which name is right for us, but we shouldn't rely on numerology alone when choosing a new name. The most important thing is to listen to your inner voice, because the new name should reflect who you are.

In his book Tvoje ime (Your Name), numerologist Dan Sovina recommends that we ask someone with whom we are close to call us by a new name for a while. That way we can find out more quickly if it's really the vibration we like, the vibration that we want. Another good test is to write the new name a few times with a pen. If the pen and the hand work smoothly and easily, then the name is appropriate. But if your writing is jerky and the whole thing feels clumsy, you may not have found the best solution. This is how we subconsciously check that the energy of our name is indeed right.

If you are still in doubt about your new name, you can ask an experienced numerologist for a second opinion. Changing your name is a very personal decision that requires you to gather all the information you can.


Sometimes we are forced to change our name. The most common example in our Western culture is that a woman has to take her husband's surname when she marries. But this is not necessary. More and more women are choosing to keep their maiden name or to use both surnames.

It is a good idea for a woman to check her husband's surname before marriage, following the instructions above. Then it will be easier for her to decide whether or not to accept it.

Another example is a change of name for professional reasons. In this case, it is advisable to choose a name from your family tree that is linked to you through your ancestors. These characteristics are already present in your family tree, so it is easier to assimilate such a new name into your personality.


Of course, choosing a new name is not all there is to it. Now we have to use it.

The influence of a new name on your life depends on three factors: how much and how long you use it; how resolutely you identify yourself as the new name; and, to a lesser degree, how much others identify you as the new name.

Numerologist Bono Baršek writes about the importance of using the new name in his book Resnica življenja (The Truth of Life):

"Once you've decided to change your name, you only have to go through a short formal process to start using it more extensively. However, there are many people who would change their name, but just for themselves. They would choose a name for themselves and call themselves by that name without anyone else knowing. Let them think again about the fact that energy increases with use. For example, if you call yourself Marilyn and a thousand others know you as Mary, the ratio of the energy of the name Marilyn to the name Mary will be one to a thousand. Unfortunately, this does not work. If you want change, you have to be ready for anything. Think about the fear that is holding you back. If you want a change, then you must officially change your name, change the name on all your documents, with all the offices where you do business, and of course tell your friends. If you have the right intention to help yourself, you will be well received by those around you; otherwise, if you hesitate, you will get strange comments and obstacles from everywhere. Others are always just holding up a mirror to you."

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