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THE Power of numbers – Ranking of Numerology Numbers

The most important numbers in our lives are the core numerology numbers: Life Path Number (the sum of one's birth date), Expression Number (the sum of birth name), Personality Number (the sum of the vowels of birth name), Soul Urge Number (the sum of the consonants of birth name), and Maturity Number (the sum of birth date and birth name).

For a detailed numerology analysis, in addition to the core numbers, we also consider the secondary numerology numbers and the numbers of one's new name.

And when we want to get a glimpse of the future, we calculate the numbers of numerology cycles.


The complete numerological analysis includes quite a few numbers - five or six core numerology numbers, nine cycle numbers, seven secondary numbers, plus the new name numbers… but do not be dismayed by this.

We can begin our basic numerological analysis with just one number - the sum of our birthday - and gradually add other numbers in order of importance.


Not all numerological numbers have the same influence. The table below shows the influence or power of each numerology number.

The number 5 indicates the biggest influence, and 1 the smallest. These are, of course, only approximations, as numbers have different influence on different people and at different times.



Core numerology numbers:

Life Path Number5
Expression Number5
Soul Urge Number4
Personality Number3
Maturity Number4
Day of Birth Number2

Numerology cycles numbers:

Life Cycles Numbers2
Pinnacle Numbers2
Life Challenges Numbers2
Personal Year2
Personal Month1
Personal Day1
Universal Year1
Universal Month1
Universal Day1

Secondary numerology numbers:

Month of Birth1
Year of Birth1
Attitude Number1
First Vowel in Name1
First Letter in Name1
Karmic Lessons (missing numbers)1
Family Number1

New name numbers:

Minor Expression Number3
Minor Soul Urge Number2
Minor Personality Number2
First Vowel in New Name1
First Letter in New Name1
New Family Number1


Have you ever asked yourself "What's my number?" or "What's my lucky number?" - thinking of the one number that represents you most in your life.

But in fact we have not just one, but two such numbers – the numerological sum of our date of birth and the sum of our birth name.

These two numbers are also our most lucky numbers, as the Universe naturally manifests things in our lives that coincide with the vibrations of these two numbers.

The first is the Life Path Number, the sum of our birth date, which is like the Sun sign in astrology – it tells us who we really are, what our life mission is and how we want to express ourselves in life.

And the second is the Expression Number, the sum of our birth name, which is like the Ascendant in astrology - it describes our gifts and potentials, what we do best and our attitude to the outside world.

Just as in astrology, where the Sun sign alone already tells us a lot about a person, in numerology the sum of the birth date or the Life Path Number already reveals a lot about a person. And it can also be calculated very quickly and easily; just add up all the digits in the date of birth.

And if we also calculate the Expression Number, we will already have a pretty good insight into this person.

Of course, for a more thorough numerological analysis, we need to look at other important numbers, too. So the basic numerology analysis consists of five core numerology numbers …

CORE NUMBERS - Basic Numerology Profile

Among the core numerological numbers, the Life Path Number and the Expression Number, which we have discussed above, come first. Following them are three other core numbers - the Soul Urge, Personality and Maturity numbers.

The Soul Urge Number, the sum of the vowels of the birth name, can be compared to the Moon sign in astrology. It reveals the emotional force behind our actions and the true motivation that influences our life choices.

The Personality Number, the sum of the consonants in a birth name, reveals our outward face, or the mask we put on in public; it is how others see us at first sight.

And the Maturity Number, the sum of the date of birth and the birth name, becomes essential at a mature age in our lives.

Some numerologists also include the Day of Birth Number as a core numerology number. However, this number mainly only explains in more detail our Life Path number, or the talents that we use on our Life Path.

So the core numerological numbers make up the basic numerological analysis, which already gives us a fairly detailed picture of a person's character.

But most people are also interested in the future, so after the core numbers, we usually do an analysis of cycle numbers…

CYCLE NUMBERS - Planning The Future

The cycle numbers carry less energy than the core numbers. In numerology analysis, they help us in planning the future and making important life decisions.

The long-term cycle numbers carry more weight because they reveal our life trends of nine or more years.

Life Cycles Numbers - three numbers representing the three main periods in our lives.

Pinnacles Numbers - four numbers that describe our main life opportunities at different stages of our lives.

Life Challenges Numbers - three numbers that describe our main life lessons or trials at different stages of our lives.

The short-term cycle numbers, used in planning for the near future, are the following:

Personal Year Numbers - describe what we can personally expect in given year.

Personal Month Numbers - describe what we can personally expect in given month.

Personal Day Numbers - describe what we can personally expect in given day.

Finally, we look at the universal cycle numbers:

Universal Year Numbers - describe what everybody can expect in given year.

Universal Month Numbers - describe what everybody can expect in given month.

Universal Day Numbers - describe what everybody can expect in given day.

And if we wanted even more detailed numerology analysis, we look at…

SECONDARY NUMBERS - Further Explanations Of Core Numbers

Secondary numerology numbers carry even less energy than cycle numbers. They are not essential to the analysis, but they help us understand our master numbers better.

First, let's look at the four secondary name numbers:

The number of the First Vowel in Name further explains the Soul Urge Number, or one's emotions and motivations.

The number of the First Letter in Name further explains the Expression Number, or one's talents and abilities.

The Karmic Lessons Numbers are the missing digits in our name and indicate the deficit areas in our lives.

The Family Number reveals what we have in common with our ancestors.

And then there are three secondary date numbers:

The Attitude Number is the sum of our day and week of birth, which reveals how we tend to act, even if we don't feel that way.

The Month of Birth Number shows the influence of our youth on our mature years.

The Year of Birth Number shows the overall theme we have chosen to live in this life.

But what if a person's name changes during one's lifetime? Then, of course, we have to also analyse the new name…


Many people change their name in their lives, and for a complete numerological analysis it is necessary to look at the new vibrations that the new name has brought into their lives.

The Minor Expression Number, which complements, compensates or counterbalances our character, is the most important of the numbers of our new name.

The second most important are the next two numbers of the new name:

The Minor Soul Urge Number helps us clarify what it is that we really want from life.

The Minor Personality Number helps us understand how we can best function in our environment and in society.

The next two numbers of the new name highlight the above two numbers:

The First Vowel in New Name sheds more light on our emotional nature and motivations in life, as revealed by the Minor Soul Urge Number.

The First Letter in New Name further explains our Minor Expression Number, which describes the characteristics of our "new" nature and character.

Sometimes it is also important to look at the New Family Number, which reflects our desire to stray from the path our family has set for us.

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