C2 - Maturity Number - Key To Fulfilment In Our Maturity

Maturity Number

Maturity Number, sum total of birth date and birth name, gives us a clue as to what our ultimate life purpose might be. Realizing the potential of this number is a key to inner fulfilment in our maturity.


A Maturity number of 1 signifies that you need to live your life with originality and courage. This is the number of the loner, not because these types don’t like people but because others tend to slow them down. Reluctant to arrest their pace long enough to teach and encourage others, ones tend to lead by example. People with 1 as a Maturity number must have the freedom to move and act alone without having to confer with others before doing so. They need to define themselves as unique individuals in their own right, breaking new ground as they find their own way.

The number 1 is the archetype of the Hero. Ones need to challenge and be challenged, and so they attract situations that demand assertiveness and bravery. Ideally this involves defending the weak and fighting for what is right. Ones have little trouble facing off against someone who has offended them. They can be much maligned or envied for their daring, dash, and desire for face-to-face confrontation. That, however, is the imperative of 1 as a Maturity number.


A Maturity number of 2 signifies a life as an affiliator and reconciler. With a strong need to cooperate and associate, twos like to be part of a couple. They have a reputation for having a kind and sensitive nature, and are happy to remain in the background, leaving the spotlight for more extroverted types.

Twos attract situations that require compromise and peacemaking. Their special forte is one-to-one situations in which they are able to tune into the other’s emotional climate and find compromises that satisfy everyone. Natural-born mediators, they are known for their tact and diplomacy. Sympathetic to other points of view, they easily see both sides of a question. Twos are able to smooth things over and smooth ruffled feathers because they are genuinely concerned about what others are experiencing and want to accommodate them if possible. Themselves wanting to be surrounded by harmony, twos also often have a flair for art, music or dance.


A Maturity number of 3 signifies a life in pursuit of beauty, love, pleasure, and self-expression. Three is the archetype of the Performer. Talented, imaginative and with a genius for the spoken word, threes must have an outlet for their energy and creativity. Expressing themselves is a necessity. They love being in the spotlight and thrive on the attention they receive when they do something noteworthy.

Threes attract situations that demand vibrancy and cordiality. There is a restlessness in their nature and a need to remain occupied and involved. With their positive, optimistic outlook, these are the upbeat people who are sought after because of their joyful, fun-loving style. Good-natured, witty and the life of any party, threes have an eye for what is stylish and “in.” Sociable and friendly, they are bright and breezy, adding color and vigor to the world.


A Maturity number of 4 signifies those who build order and stability into our world. Fours attract situations that require thoroughness, precision and dependability. They actually like to put their nose to the grindstone. Wherever they turn their attention, they organize and create structure. Focused on the material plane, they express archetype of the Builder, and want to see concrete results in all their endeavors.

Like a square table perfectly balanced and solidly positioned, fours are firmly planted on this earth. They are comfortable in surroundings that are tidy, well ordered and predictable. They like to know what to expect, and flourish in an atmosphere where expectations are clearly laid out. They are no-frills people who hate posturing and pretense. Give them the facts. Don’t dissemble, and don’t embroider. The pure, unvarnished truth is what they prefer.


A Maturity number of 5 signifies a life of freedom, variety and change. Fives attract situations that demand versatility and adaptability. Always open to new experiences, they seek out the curious and the unusual, and are constantly on the lookout for new fields to explore and new roads to travel. In some way embodying the archetype of the Trickster, they are unconventional, unpredictable, full of surprises, and excel at doing the unexpected. Not ones to tarry long, they tend toward impulsivity and depart in a flash if their interest is diverted elsewhere. Adventurous, enterprising and resourceful, they continually enliven their environment with energy and enthusiasm.

Fives are sociable and get on well with all kinds of people. Talking is one of their favorite activities. People interest them immensely, and they will spend hours chatting with strangers and friends alike.

As clever as they are with words, fives are also clever with their hands. They make excellent craftsman, are known for their versatility, and are often amazingly dexterous, dazzling others with their creative handiwork.


A Maturity number of 6 signifies an overriding desire to create harmony and balance. Six is the archetype of the Caregiver. Sixes have a rock-solid reputation for being loyal, dependable and conscientious, and they continually attract situations that require these traits. Wanting to live responsibly, they protect and provide for those in their keeping and are steadfast in their devotion to loved ones.

Sixes give time, attention and loving care not just to their families, but also to friends and even to casual acquaintances. Because of this, they make faithful and steadfast life-long friends. They sense another’s needs, and freely give of themselves. Through their own sympathetic knowing, they are intuitively able to heal. They are good at helping others sort out and clarify their problems, choose options and find solutions. They create a safe place for people who are in need, and happily lend support in a crisis. Their homes reflect their love of comfort and all that is pleasant, and often become havens for the troubled and perplexed. Also at home on Mother Earth, sixes sense the underlying rhythm of nature, and are able to move in harmony with the cycle of the seasons.


Seven is the archetype of the Seeker, and A Maturity number of 7 signifies a life in pursuit of knowledge and perfection. Sevens have a burning desire to know, and so they question, analyze, probe, explore and examine every detail of whatever stimulates their curiosity. Bright and intelligent, they have penetrating minds that miss nothing. They tend to be quiet and are often thought to be rather antisocial and unfriendly, but this is a misunderstanding. Outside pressures interfere with the imperative of this number. Sevens are introverts who require massive amounts of time alone for study and reflection. They must have solitude to think things through with the depth that naturally comes to them

In the company of others, sevens are poised, refined, philosophical and reserved. Their rich inner life fascinates them far more than what is going on in the world around them. They attract situations that stimulate their investigative and analytical abilities, and it is their insights that are their gift to the world.


A Maturity number of 8 signifies a life of striving for achievement and, often, financial power. Eight is the archetype of the Administrator. Not surprisingly, eights are found in management positions and are often CEOs. Whatever they do, eights attract situations that demand organization and executive ability. Shrewd in business, they have excellent instincts for commerce and are often drawn to the world of finance.

Eights tend to be ambitious and are willing to work with remarkable concentration and commitment to achieve their goals. They take their responsibilities seriously and are usually very civic-minded.

Efficient and exacting employers, eights are powerful and dominant, with a take-charge way about them. Because they expect as much from themselves as they do from others, they have a natural, unquestioned authority. They make excellent leaders, and are good at teaching those who work for them the skills necessary for success.


A Maturity number of 9 signifies the humanitarian and universalist who knows that we are all brothers and sisters living on one earth. Nine is the archetype of the Reformer who has a broad vision that encompasses everyone, everywhere. Wishing to improve the lot of humankind and of the world, nines serve with willingness and compassion. Possessors of deep and powerful emotions, they work for causes with great energy and enthusiasm because of their vision of what the future can be. They weed the garden of the world in order to prepare the ground for the new growth that they envision. Nines have great personal magnetism through which they are able to influence people. Inspired and inspiring, they teach, counsel and heal. Uncomfortable living a personal life, they are at their best living their lives for the greater good.


A Maturity number of 11 is too high and intense a vibration for many people to live up to, at least at first. Most people who have 11 as a Maturity number will begin by operating on the lower vibration of 2. For you this means perfecting the art of functioning in groups or as a couple, and exercising your emotional intelligence and people skills to mediate and bring harmony between opposing factions. You may also take your pursuit of harmony into art, music or dance. Twos have a reputation for having a kind and sensitive nature, and are happy to remain in the background, leaving the spotlight for more extroverted types.

As time passes and you become more skilled at life, you may leap into the higher orbit of the 11 vibration from time to time, possibly with increasing frequency over the years. This is a whole new sphere where fame is a definite possibility. You will develop a more far-reaching vision and a wider (perhaps worldwide) sphere of action. As you draw more and more upon your higher mind, you will increase in intuitive abilities, possibly even becoming psychic. Brimming with insights to share, you are likely to be drawn to teaching, speaking or writing. This could be on a variety of topics. With your spiritual inspirations you may become a preacher or religious leader. With your compassionate idealism and sense of justice, you may crusade for causes such as peace. Or with your original, inventive mind you may find yourself on the cutting edge of science or technology. Whatever you do on your 11 Maturity vibration, your life will most likely be an extremely active one of successfully meeting challenges and taking big risks.


A Maturity number of 22 is too high and intense a vibration for many people to live up to, at least at first. Most people who have 22 as a Maturity number will begin by operating on the lower vibration of 4. On this level you are concerned with building order and stability into the world, and in doing so you develop the qualities of thoroughness, precision and dependability. Focused on the material plane and firmly planted on this earth, you want to see concrete results in all your endeavors. The archetype you are living out at this point in your life is that of the Builder.

As time passes and you become more skilled at life, you may leap into the higher orbit of the 22 vibration from time to time, possibly with increasing frequency over the years. This is a whole new sphere where fame is a definite possibility. From the Builder you become the Master Builder, one who draws upon higher mind and a broader vision to create concrete realities on a grand scale. You may turn your inspired inventiveness to creating physical structures such as buildings or engineering projects, social structures such as organizations, or structures built out of concepts or information. Working for the benefit of humanity, you may become a statesman, leader and policymaker, or you may accumulate wealth and power which you use in philanthropic pursuits. Whatever you do, to handle this intense vibration beneficially, it is important to avoid the temptation to overwork and to keep grounded in your relationships with loved ones.

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