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Our name contains the very essence of what we are meant to become in this life. This is revealed by the Name Numbers, which you will learn about in the third part of our Numerology guide.

First we will look at the three main name numbers – the Expression Number, the Personality Number and the Soul Urge Number. Then we will look at the four additional name numbers: the First Letter of Name, the First Vowel in Name, the Karmic Lesson Numbers and the Family Number. And one of the key numerology numbers is the Maturity Number, the sum of our birth date and birth name.
C1 - Name Numerology – Our Soul And Personality

Name Numerology reveals our soul and our personality.

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C2 - Maturity Number - Key To Fulfilment In Our Maturity

Maturity Number, sum total of birth date and birth name, shows us the path to fulfilment in our maturity.

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C3 - Expression Number – Our Birth Name Lucky Number

Expression Number in numerology shows our talents and abilities and our general direction in life.

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C4 - Personality Number - The Face We Show To The World

Personality Number, a sum total of consonants in our birth name, represents the face we show to the world.

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C5 - Soul Urge Number - Our Inner Drive

Soul Urge number, or Motivation number, describes our true motivation that greatly influences our life choices.

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C6 - Karmic Lessons - The Lacking Areas In Our Life

Karmic Number - Karmic Lessons Numbers show in which areas we are lacking in our life.

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C7 - First Letter Of Name - The First Aspect Of Our Character

First Letter of Name has the greatest influence; it represents the first aspect of one's character.

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C8 - First Vowel In Name - More About Our Emotions

First vowel in Name gives additional information about our emotional nature and underlying motivations in life.

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C9 - Family Number - Legacy From Our Ancestors

Family Numbers in numerology reveal what we have in common with our family ancestors.

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