E3 - Minor Expression Number Complements Our Character

MINOR Expression Number

In numerology, Minor Expression Number is the sum of all the letters of our new name, which complements, compensates or counterbalances our character.


This number makes you better equipped for the daily struggle of life. This is a powerful number with good leadership abilities. It is independent, individualistic, original and innovative. It adds courage and a willingness to take risks. This number makes you more determined and goal oriented.


Your new name adds sensitivity and awareness of other peoples needs and feelings. It makes it easier for you to work with others using tact and diplomacy. Your abilities as a peacemaker and counselor are heightened. Because you are more sensitive now, you should be conscious of making your environment - both home and at work - more harmonious and peaceful. Your new name makes you a good deal more modest; you are now able to remain in the background and direct and influence people more indirectly. The 2 possesses increased musical abilities.


Your new name increases your capacity to enjoy life. It boosts your optimism, cheerfulness, good taste, and an interest in sports. You communicate more easily and your sense of humor is enhanced. You are inspiring company, often motivating and uplifting others. Your artistic ability - especially your facility with words - is increased. The three is a happy-go-lucky number, which, on the negative side, can make you avoid difficulties and try to find the easy way out of challenges.


Your new name makes you more practical, orderly, efficient, and dependable. You will feel more principled, honest, and determined. You will be a little more organized and capable of putting ideas into reality. You are better able to work with details. Your conscientiousness will be enhanced, as well as your ability to work diligently and consistently over a long period of time. Discipline increases under the 4. Your new name enhances your ability to be the pillar of society. Family and friends rely on your judgment more. However, you could become more rigid and inflexible.


Your new name adds considerable flexibility and versatility to your personality. You now enjoy more travel and adventure. You are more curious about people, new places, and seek out more excitement in life. You are more dynamic and alive. New and original ideas come quicker to you. You are a good deal more creative. Your verbal skills are increased and your ability as a salesperson or promoter enhanced. You suffer more when confined by restricted spaces or rigid rules. You yearn for greater freedom of movement and expression. You are more likely to strike out on your own, with your own ideas or methods.


Your new name adds love, warmth, generosity and genuine concern for others. It increases your concern for family and those less fortunate than you. You are better equipped to deal with duty and responsibility and even find greater satisfaction in it. You want to do good in the world. You become more socially conscious and seek ways to better the plight of others. Your artistic abilities are enhanced. You are more concerned with beautifying your home, or engaging in healing and teaching.


Your new name stimulates your desire for knowledge. It helps you to specialize and to deepen your understanding of a particular subject. It helps you to focus. Your Minor Expression number encourages you to accumulate knowledge regarding the mysteries of life. It makes you a more analytical thinker. You are better able to look below the surface of things. You don't take things at face value. You may desire more time for private contemplation and meditation. This is a pull to spend more time alone.


Your new name provides you with more leadership abilities and business sense. It encourages you to use more power in your relationships and directs you to higher standards of success. Your Minor Expression number makes you a better judge of character. You are more realistic in your evaluation of others and their potential. You are not easily fooled. You must be willing to apply more effort toward all your endeavors. You likely demand more of yourself. Your abilities as a manager, organizer and administrator are enhanced. You are competitive and determined. You are more likely to initiate your grander plans and visions.


The influence of this number makes you more concerned with the well-being of others. Your Minor Expression number increases your sensitivity to the needs of society. You feel an urge to serve humanity in a more direct way. The number 9 helps you to better communicate and understand all types of people. You are more aware of your artistic talent and the need to express yourself. Your name opens you up to a larger view of life. It attunes you to political movements, philosophical theories, and spiritual practices. You are more sensitive to the larger patterns of humanity.


Your new name increases your sensitivity, intuition, and perceptiveness. It leads you toward deeper investigation of the mysteries of life. You are attracted to religion, philosophy, and spiritual understanding. It may awaken your intuitive and even psychic abilities. At the same time, your Minor Expression number makes you more sensitive to your own shortcomings. It encourages you to work on yourself. You cannot avoid personal transformation under this influence. Your increased sensitivity will encourage you to seek out harmonious and peaceful environments. This will balance the nervous tension that the 11 can stimulate. Your capacity to work with others is also improved. You are now more humble and modest, and seek ways to avoid conflict and maintain harmonious relationships. Your heightened intuitive powers bring highly creative ideas, sudden insights, and realizations.


Your new name increases your ambition, orderliness, and capacity to complete large undertakings significantly. Your ability to manage people and direct them toward some difficult and ambitious goal is greatly enhanced. Your understanding of systems and organization is also strengthened. At the same time, you feel the burden of such lofty ambitions. High demands can cause you much self-doubt. You may be aware of more inner tension, resulting from an inner drive to manifest your ideals in reality. As a result of your Minor Expression number, your efforts are more likely to be directed toward endeavors that are truly great in scope and have a lasting impact.

Source: Numerology Course by Hans Decoz

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