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Numerology Charts 

How to calculate the numerological meaning of your name? With help of numerology charts.

First you need to know the numeric values ​​of all the letters in the alphabet. Fortunately, you can see these values ​​in the Numerology Chart.

Now I will show you various numerological tables - and the numerology chart that I myself use.

There are several schools of numerology. And they use different systems for assigning numbers to letters. The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools are the most widely used.

The Chaldean numerology system assigns the numbers to letters according to their sounds. I prefer to use the Chaldean system.


In Pythagorean system, the numbers of the letters are arranged in alphabetical order. In English alphabet it looks like this:

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Pythagorean numerology table


In the Chaldean system, derived from Hebrew alphabet, numbers are attributed to letters according to their sound vibrations. British numerologist Cheiro, the father of modern Chaldean numerology, has set up a system that is mainly used today:

Chaldean Numerology Chart

Chaldean numerology table (by Cheiro)

The Chaldean numerologists are not unanimous in assigning numerological values ​​of letters. For example, Walter Gibson, Cheiro's younger English contemporary, attributed different numbers to some of the letters (X=6, C=2, H=8, CH=8, TH=9).

Some Chaldean numerologists also included a value of number 9, which the Chaldeans supposedly didn't use because 9 was a sacred number. But that's probably just a myth, since number 9 is included in the Chaldean alphabet itself! The Chaldeans used the first nine letters also as numbers from 1 to 9, and the next nine letters as tens from 10 to 90.

With some study and with the help of radiesthesia, I arrived at the improved Chaldean numerology alphabet. This numerology alphabet has different values ​​(from Cheiro's) for four letters/sounds: H, S, T, and E.

I replaced the Hebrew letter he (with value 5) with a more appropriate het (value 8); the Hebrew letter sin (value 3) with sameh (value 6); and the Hebrew tav (value 4) with letter tet (value 9).

And the "prohibited" value 9 I attributed to letter E.

So here is my improved Chaldean numerology conversion system:


Chaldean numerology table (improved version)

I must say, however, that there is no single best numerology conversion system. They all give more or less good results, and we can see for ourselves which one suits us best in our numerology work.


This Numerology chart is most handy for practical work - since the letters are arranged according to English alphabet:

A = 1B = 2C = 3D = 4E = 9
F = 8G = 3H = 8I = 1J = 1
K = 2L = 3M = 4N = 5O = 7
P = 8Q = 1R = 2S = 6T = 9
U = 6V = 6W = 6X = 5Y = 1
Z = 7
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