Numerology Assistant – User's Guide

Numerology Assistant – USER’S GUIDE


Numerology Assistant will entertain you – Reading of personal numbers is not only educational, it can also be fun.

It can help you in personal development and career – Knowing your personal numbers makes it easier to recognize and develop your talents, as well as to better understand and work on your weaknesses.

It can be used as a tool in your professional work – Numerology Assistant is easy to use and you can become a numerologist in no time.


The Numerology Assistant requires three things to work:

1. Computer. Numerology Assistant is a computer program that can be installed and used on a desktop or laptop computer. It does not work on mobile phones and tablets.

2. Windows. Numerology Assistant runs on Windows operation system. It doesn't work on Mac or Linux computers.

3. Excel. You must have Excel from the Microsoft Office desktop software suite (from version 2003 or newer) installed on your computer. If you only have cloud based Excel (as part of Microsoft 365), Numerology Assistant will not work.


Numerology Assistant is a simple but very powerful computer program that:

Calculates all important numerology numbers – You can calculate 28 different numerology numbers for yourself or others: 5 date numbers, 8 name numbers and 15 cycle numbers.

Has four calculators in one – It includes four separate calculators: for Date numbers, Name numbers, Cycle numbers and Forecast numbers.

Includes interpretations of personal numbers – Web links in four calculators take you to detailed interpretations of personal numbers for you, your friends or your clients.

Includes explanations of numerology numbers – It also provides technical explanations of all numerology numbers via web links.

Calculates in Chaldean –It calculates the name numbers according to the improved Chaldean numerological system (more on this here).

Can "predict the future" – It can calculate a general numerology forecast as well as a personal numerology forecast for current day, month and year.

Saves your numerological calculations – You can save your numerological calculations for different persons into files, or you can print them out.


Installation – First you have to install Numerology Assistant on your computer. When you run the installer, confirm that you accept the terms of the license agreement. In the following steps, you can adjust the suggested settings or simply confirm them all.

Launching – Once the installation is complete, Numerology Assistant is ready for use. You can run it, for example, by clicking on the Windows Search button and typing "Numero". When the text "Numerology Assistant" appears, click on it and the program will open.

Activation – On first use, Numerology Assistant will ask you to enter an activation key. Enter the activation key that you received at purchase (a string of 35 numbers and letters) and the software will launch. You will only need to enter the activation key on first use.

Trial version – If you have installed the trial version of Numerology Assistant, enter the activation key for trial version (provided on the web page You can test the trial version for 7 days. If, after the trial, you purchase the software, you do not need to install it again. Just launch the trial version again and enter your new activation key that you received after purchase. Now the program will work without any restrictions.


Check the date and time – For the calculations in the Numerology Calculator to work properly, you must have the date, time and time zone set correctly on your computer. Look at the date and time icon on the bottom right of the computer screen. If the date and time are correct, then everything is fine. If they're not, you can set them in Windows Settings.

Navigating the software – When you run the Numerology Assistant, it will open the landing page with basic information. The four numerology calculators can be accessed in two ways: 1) by using the menu with buttons at the top or 2) using the tabs at the bottom.

Using the four calculators – When you click on a menu button above or a tab below, the calculator for that type of numerology numbers will open. Under the calculator you will find detailed instructions on how to use it.

Saving numerological calculations – You can save your numerological calculations in two ways: 1) You can print them out (see the Help for Excel for printing instructions). 2) You can also save them on your computer for later use. For example: enter your birth data in all four calculators. When you exit the software, confirm that you want to save the changes and choose a name for the saved file (e.g. your first and last name). The next time you run Numerology Assistant, you will be able to select your saved file by clicking on the "Select a Saved File" button or on the "Select a Saved file on Computer" button.


Installation and activation

When I try to download the Numerology Assistant installation file in my browser, it tells me that the file has been blocked because it can harm my computer. What should I do?

This usually happens in Edge browser. Click on the 3 dots button and select "Keep" (do this twice if necessary). Click on "Show more" and then "Keep anyway". You could also use another browser that doesn't have these security warnings, such as Chrome or Firefox.

When I run the installation file, the anti-virus tells me that it has protected my computer – that it has prevented an unrecognized application from starting that might put my computer at risk. What should I do?

You can safely disregard this message. Click on "More info". Then click on "Run anyway" and the program will start. If you are still unable to start Numerology Assistant, disable your antivirus or security software before the installation and enable it again after the installation.

After activating the Numerology Assistant, the program does not open. When I click OK after the successful activation notification, nothing happens.

The program is probably just hidden in the background. If you have other windows open in Windows, minimize or close them. When the Numerology Assistant notification window appears, click OK and the program will open.

Using Numerology Calculator program

Web links in Numerology Calculator don't work.

You probably don't have a default browser selected in Windows. You can select it in Windows Settings.

I accidentally deleted the "Reading" web link. What should I do?

No need to worry, just click Undo. Or just restart the program – the web links will be restored.

When I want to save a file, it gives me the error "Trusted folder could not be registered".

Disregard this error and click OK.

Do you still have a problem that you can't solve?

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