Biorhythms Calculator

Calculator of your Biorhythms

The Biorhythms Calculator shows you your current physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive biorhythms.

The Biorhythms Calculator is very easy to use:

In the form below, enter your day, month and year of birth in the corresponding fields and press the "OK" button. (If you get an error, press OK again.) a


A diagram will appear showing the progress of your four biorhythms for today and for two weeks forward and back. The current day is shown by the vertical line in the middle.

The physical biorhythm is shown by the blue curve, the emotional biorhythm by the red curve, the intellectual biorhythm by the green curve and the intuitive biorhythm by the yellow curve. In the legend on the left, their values are also shown as percentages (+ or -).

At the top of the curve of each biorhythm, we can, for example, better tolerate surgery (physical biorhythm), overcome emotional challenges (emotional biorhythm) or grasp new knowledge (intellectual biorhythm). At the bottom of the curve, we tire more quickly (physical biorhythm), become irritable (emotional biorhythm) and find it harder to learn (intellectual biorhythm).

When the curve of one of our biorhythms crosses the horizontal axis, it indicates an unstable or "critical" day, when we are exposed to change, volatile and less resilient.

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